Spiżarnia, czyli wyczytuję domowe zapasy książek!

1.       ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ Steinbeck
2.       „Dzieci ze schowka” Ryu Murakami
3.       ‘Christmas Stories’ Charles Dickens
4.       ‘Atonement’ Ian McEwan
5.       ‘Mother of Novel’ Dane Spender
6.       ‘Fifty Best American Stories. 1915-1965’
7.       ‘Needful Things’ Stephen King
8.       Dzieła zebrane Kiplinga
9.       ‘The Snow Child’ Eowyn Ivey
10.   ‘The Great Expectations’ Charles Dickens
11.   ‘The Passage to India’ E.M. Forster
12.   ‘The Suspicious of Mr Whicher’ Kate Summerscale
13.   ‘The Hundred-year-old Man Who…’
14.   ‘Priestess of Avalon’ Bradley
15.   ‘From the Beast to the Blonde’ Marina Warner
16.   ‘The Reading Group’ Elizabeth Noble
17.   „Listy” Tolkien
18.   „Trupojad. Nie ma ocalenia”
19.   ‘The Night Watch’ Sarah Waters
20.   ‘Catching Fire’ Suzanne Collins
21.   ‘The Secret Life of Bees’ Sue Monk Kidd
22.   ‘Danny the Champion of the World’ Roald Dahl
23.   ‘Into the Wild’ John Krakauer
24.   ‘Problem AT Pollensa Bay and Other Stories’ Agatha Christie
25.   ‘A Clockwork Orange’ Anthony Burgess
26.   Jane Austen’s Seven Novels.
27.   „Księga wszystkich dokonań Sherlocka Holmesa” Arthur Conan Doyle
28.    „Gra o Tron 1” George R. R. Martin (powieśc graficzna)
29.   „Gra o Tron 2” George R. R. Martin (powieść graficzna)
30.   ‘Tortilla Flat’ John Steinbeck
31.   ‘The Jungle’ Upton Sinclair
32.   ‘Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones. Season 3 & 4’ C. A. Taylor
33.   Marvel Avengers Encyclopedia
34.   ‘The Stone Cutter’ Camilla Lackberg
35.   ‘A General History of the Robberies and Murder of the Most Notorious Pirates’ Capt. Charles Johnson
36.   ‘Brideshead Revisited’ Evelyn Waugh
37.   ‘A Clockwork Orange’ Anthony Burgess
38.   ‘The Charming Quirks of Others’ Alexander McCall Smith
39.   ‘Call the Midwife’ Jennifer Worth
40.   „Walt Disney. Potęga marzeń” Bob Thomas
41.   ‘Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters’
42.   ‘The Casual Vacancy’ J. K. Rowling
43.   „Snuff” Tery Pratchett
44.   ‘Portnoy’s Complaint’ Philip Roth
45.   ‘Jacob’s Room’ Virginia Woolf
46.   „Pochłaniacz” Bonda
47.   ‘The Light Between the Ocean” M. L. Stedman
48.   „Turkusowe szale” Remigiusz Mróz
49.   ‘The Human Stain’ Philip Roth
50.   ‘Quantum of Solace and…’ Ian Fleming
51.   „Ofiara polikseny” Marta Guzowska
52.   ‘Various Pets Alive and Dead’ Marina Levycka
53.   ‘Selected Letters’ Jane Austen
54.   „Bezcenny” Miłoszewski
55.   „To ona napisała Mary Poppins” Valerie Lawson
56.   „Beowulf” Tolkien
57.   „Prosiaczek Fryderyk i dzięcioły” Walter R. Brooks
58.   „Wielbiciel” Charlotte Link
59.   „Nie taka dziewczyna” Lena Dunham
60.   „Solea” Izzo
61.   „Z zamkniętymi oczami” Carofiglio
62.   „Świadek mimo woli” Carofiglio
63.   „Po Przechytrzonym Lisem” Martha Grimes
64.   „Nie ma takiego miasta” Konatkowski
65.   „Głos” Indidadson
66.   „W Azji” Terzani
67.   ‘The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories’ Tim Burton
68.   ‘The Summer House’ Santa Montefiore
69.   ‘The Little Shadows’ Marina Endicott
70.   ‘The Year I Met You’ Cecelia Ahern
71.   ‘The City of Dreaming Boks’ Walter Moers
72.   ‘Entry Island’ Peter May
73.   ‘Assassin’s Creed. Renaissance’ Oliver Bowden
74.   ‘Howard’s End’ E. M. Forster
75.   ‘Mystery In White’ J. Jefferson Farfeen
76.   ‘Five Little Pigs’ Agatha Christie
77.   ‘The Complete Cthulhu Mythos Tales’ H. P. Lovecraft
78.   ‘DC Comics. The Ultimate Character Guide’
79.   ‘Comics Creators on Spider-Man’ Tom De Falco
80.   ‘Noah Barleywater Runs Away’ John Boyne
81.   ‘The Well’ Elizabeth Jolley
82.   ‘Sons and Lovers’ D. H. Lawrence
83.   ‘His Dark Materials Trilogy’ Philip Pullman
84.   ‘Hasty Death’ M. C. Beaton
85.   ‘Deborah Goes to Dover’ M. C. Beaton
86.   ‘Tarka the Otter’ Henry Williamson
87.   ‘Spanish Gold’ George A. Birmingham
88.   ‘The Roman Hat Mystery’ Ellery Queen
89.   ‘The Case of the Tudor Queen’ Christopher Bush
90.   ‘The Case of the Shoplifter’s Shoe’ Erle Stanley Gardner
91.   ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’ Robert Galbraith
92.   „Śmierć i trochę miłości” Aleksandra Marinina
93.   ‘The Big Four’ Agatha Christie
94.   Christie
95.   Christie
96.   ‘Jane Austen. The Life’
97.   ‘Pulp Fiction. The Crimefighters’ Ed. Otto Penzler
98.   ‘The Collected Stories’ A. E. Poe
99.   ‘Between Shades of Grey’ Ruta Sepetys
100.                       ‘City of Bones’ Cassandra Clare
101.                       ‘The Road’ Cormac McCarthy
102.                       ‘Boy. Tales of Childhood’ Roald Dahl
103.                       ‘Coffin Road’ Peter May
104.                       „Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’
105.                       ‘The Railway Children’ E. Nesbit
106.                       ‘The Hundred and One Dalmatians’ Dodie Smith
107.                       ‘Gold Dust and Gunsmoke’ John Boessenecker
108.                       ‘The Sense of Ending’ Julian Barnes
109.                       Encyklopedia Marvela
110.                       ‘Ant-Man. Platinum Collection’
111.                       „Rybak znad Morza Wewnętrznego” Ursula K. LeGuin
112.                       „Pax” Sara Pennypacker
113.                       „Opowieść o Kullervo” J. R. R. Tolkien
114.                       „Mock” Marek Krajewski
115.                       „Szkoła kotów” Kim Jin-Kyung
116.                       „Grząskie piaski” Henning Mankell
117.                       „Historia pszczół” Maja Lunde
118.                       „Chłopiec, który znalazł słońce nocą” Luca Di Fulvio
119.                       „Dwóch panów z branży” Katarzyna Czajka
120.                       „Harry Potter i Komnata Tajemnic” Rowling & Key
121.                       ‘When Rainbows End’ Cecelia Ahern
122.                       ‘The Beautiful Cassandra” Jane Austen
123.                       „The Night Is Darkening Around Me’ Emily Dickinson
124.                       „Gooseberries’ Antoni Chekhov
125.                       ‘A Pair of Silk Stocking’ Kate Chopin
126.                       ‘The Awaking and Other Stories’ Kate Chopin
127.                       ‘The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me’ Roald Dahl
128.                       ‘Quantum of Solace/ The Complete James Bond Short Stories’ Ian Fleming
129.                       ‘The Nose’ Nikoi Gogol
130.                       ‘Woman Much Missed’ Thomas Hardy
131.                       ‘Ollala’ R. L. Stevenson
132.                       ‘Five Children and It’ Nesbit
133.                       ‘Martinis, Girls and Guns. 50 Years of 007’ Morecombe, serling
134.                       ‘The Banana Machine’ Alexander McCall Smith
135.                       ‘Looking for Jake and Other Stories’ China Mieville
136.                       ‘the Gate of the Hundred Sorrows’ Rudyard Kipling
137.                       ‘The Figure In the Carpet’ Henry James
138.                       ‘Living Dead In Dallas’ Harris, Charlaine
139.                       ‘Dead Until Dark’
140.                       ‘Dead as a Doornail’
141.                       ‘Dead to the World’
142.                       ‘From Dead to Worse’
143.                       ‘Club Dead’
144.                       ‘All Together Dead’
145.                       ‘Definitely Dead’
146.                       ‘Three Men In Boat’ Jerome K. Jerome
147.                       ‘The Good Terrorist’ Doris Lessing
148.                       ‘Wolf Hall’ Hilary Mantel
149.                       ‘Miss Brill’ Katherine Mansfield
150.                       ‘Od Street Piemen’ Henry Mathew
151.                       ‘On the Beach AT Night Alone’ Walt Whitman
152.                       ‘On Murder Considered As One of the Fine Arts’ Thomas de Quincey
153.                       ‘The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency’ Alexander McCall Smith
154.                       ‘The Wallpug of Why’ G/. E. Farrow
155.                       Three Tang Dynasty Poets
156.                       „Stracone złudzenia” Honore de Balzac
157.                       Klaudyna Colette
158.                       Klaudyna Colette
159.                       Klaudyna Colette
160.                       „Hotel Paradise” Martha Grimes
161.                       „Przestępstwo” von Schirach
162.                       „Zimową nocą podróżny” Italo Calvino
163.                       „Domofon” Miłoszewski
164.                       ‘From Absinthe to Zest’ Alexander Dumas
165.                       ‘Treasure Island’ R. L. Stevenson
166.                       ‘The Dragon’s Eye’ Dugald A. Steer
167.                       ‘Funny Girl’ Nick Hornby
168.                       ‘Underground London’ Stephen Smith
169.                       ‘The Vanishinh Act of Esme Lennox’ Maggie O’Farrell
170.                       ‘Can-Cans, Cats and Cities of Ash’ Mark Twain
171.                       ‘Cocolat’ Joanne Harris
172.                       ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’ Louis de Bernieres
173.                       ‘Numbers In the Dark’ Italo Calvino
174.                       ‘A History of Jane Austen’s family’ George Holbert Tucker
175.                       ‘Jane Austen and the Clregy’ Irena Collins
176.                       „Przyjaciółka z młodości” Alice Munro
177.                       ‘The Signalmen’ Charles Dickens
178.                       „Skrawki życia” Debbie Macomber
179.                       „Zorkownia” Agnieszka Keluga
180.                       ‘A Hippo Banquet’ Mary Kingsley
181.                       ‘Well, they are gone, and here must I remain’ S. T. Coleridge
182.                       ‘the Great Wingleburry Duel’ Charles Dickens
183.                       ‘The Meldive Shark’ Herman Melville
184.                       ‘The Steel Flea’ Nikolay Leshov
185.                       ‘A Simple Heart’ Gustave Flaubert
186.                       ‘Goblin Market’ Christine Rossetti
187.                       ‘Sindbad the Sailor’
188.                       ‘My Dearest Father’ W. A. Mozart
189.                       ‘Winter Tale’ Tove Jansson
190.                       ‘The Old Man of the Moon’ Shen Fu
191.                       ‘The Man Who Was Thursday’ G. K. Charleston
192.                       ‘The Breaking Point. Short Stories’ Daphne Du Maurier
193.                       ‘My cousin Rachel’ Daphne du Maurier
194.                       ‘The Dog Who Came In From the Cold’ Alexander McCall Smith
195.                       ‘The Dream Thieves’ Maggie Stiefvater
196.                       ‘Inkdeath’ Cornelia Funke
197.                       ‘The Hunger Games’ Suzanne Collins
198.                       ‘Mockingjay’ Suzanne Collins
199.                       ‘The Tales of Beedle the Bard’ JK Rowling
200.                       ‘Inkspell’ Cornelia Funke
201.                       ‘Agatha Raisin and the Haunted House’ M. C. Beaton
202.                       ‘The Cambridge Companion to James Joyce’
203.                       ‘The Red House ‘ Mark Haddon
204.                       ‘The Child In Time’ Ian McEwan
205.                       ‘Puk of Pook;s Hill’ Rudyard Kipling
206.                       ‘Franny and Zooey’ J. D. Salinger
207.                       ‘The Right Attitude to Rain’ Alexander McCall Smith
208.                       ‘Solar’ Ian McEan
209.                       ‘No Country for Old Man’ Cormac McCarthy
210.                       ‘Wild. A Journey From Lost to Found’ Cheryl Strayed
211.                       ‘British Folks Tales and Legends. A Sampler’ Katherine M. Briggs
212.                       ‘I Am Pilgrim’ Terry Hayes
213.                       ‘B;ue Shoes and Happiness’ Alexnader McCall Smith
214.                       ‘Towards Zero” Christie
215.                       ‘The Clocks’ Christie
216.                       ‘The Mysterious Affair AT Styles’ Christie
217.                       ‘Murder In the Kitchen’ Alice B. Takles
218.                       „Śmiertelne napięcie” Alex Kava
219.                       „Niemy świadek” Christie
220.                       „Dwamnaście prac Herkulesa” Christie
221.                       „Morderstwo pod choinką” Carola Dunn
222.                       „Czarna bandera niesie śmierć” Carola Dunn
223.                       „Ręka” Henning Mankell
224.                       „płatki na wietrze” Virginia C. Andrews
225.                       „Kwiaty na poddaszu” Virginia C. Andrews
226.                       „Boskie sekrety siostrzanego stowarzyszenia Ya-Ya’ Rebecca Wells
227.                       „Prochem jesteś” Carola Dunn
228.                       „Wyznaję” Jaume Cabre
229.                       ‘The Terrors of the Night’ Thomas Jasne
230.                       ‘Circles of Hell’ Dante
231.                       ‘How a Ghastly Story Was Broughton to Light by a Common Or Garden Butcher’s Dog’ Johann Peter Heb
232.                       „Good Wives’ L. M. Alcott
233.                       ‘The Girl Who MArried a Lion’ ALexnader McCall Smith
234.                       ‘Deirdre And Desire’ M. C. Beaton
235.                       ‘Lips Too Chilled’ Matsuo Basho
236.                       ‘Red Riding Hood’ Blackley-Cartwright
237.                       ‘It Was Snowing Butterflies’ Charles Darwin
238.                       ‘The Communist MAnifesto’ Marx & Engels
239.                       ‘Death of a Policeman’ M. C. Beaton
240.                       ‘As Kingfishers Catch Fire’ Hopkins, Gerard Manley
241.                       ‘Kasyan from then Beautiful Lands’ Turgenev, Ivan
242.                       ‘A Slip Under the Microscope’ H. G. Wells
243.                       ‘Gone Girl’ Gillian Flynn
244.                       ‘The History of Mr Polly’ H. G. Wells
245.                       ‘Fever Pitch’ Nick Hornby
246.                       ‘American Psycho’ Bret Easton Ellis
247.                       ‘The Lord of the Rings. The Making of the Movie Trilogy’ Brian Sibley
248.                       ‘The Russia House’ John le Carre
249.                       ‘Cranford’ Elizabeth  Gaskell
250.                       ‘The Revenant’ Michael Punke
251.                       ‘A Room of Own’s Own’ Virginia Woolf
252.                       ‘The Rum Diary’ Hunter S. Thompson
253.                       ‘The Night Manager’ John le Carre
254.                       ‘Heidi Grows Up. A Sequel to Heidi’ Charles Tritten
255.                       ‘The Buried Giant’ Kazuo Ishiguro
256.                       ‘The Beekepeer’s Daughter’ Santa Montefiore
257.                       ‘Agatha Raisin and the Curious Curate’ M. C. Beaton
258.                       ‘The Santa Klaus Murder’ Mavis Hay
259.                       ‘Mary’ Vladimir Nabokov
260.                       ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’ Philip K. Dick
261.                       ‘A Million Little Pieces’ James Frey
262.                       ‘The Lord of the Rings. Official Movie Guide’ Brian Sibley
263.                       ‘Harry Potter. Film Wizardry’
264.                       ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ Douglas Adams
265.                       ‘As You Like It’ Shakespear
266.                       ‘Classic Welsch Stories’
267.                       ‘Man and Superman’ Bernard Shaw
268.                       ‘Storyteller’
269.                       ‘Further Experience of an Irish R. M.’ Somerville & Ross
270.                       ‘The Interview With Vampire’ Anne Rice
271.                       ‘the Journal of Sylvia Plath’
272.                       „Zaginione królestwa” Norman Davies
273.                       ‘Swallows and Amazons’ Arthur Ronsome
274.                       ‘The Infernal Machine. A History of Terrorism’ MAtthew Carr
275.                       ‘Secrets of the Lighthouse’ Santa Montefiore
276.                       ‘Beastly Things’ Donna Leon
277.                       „Anglisy na pokładzie” Matthew Kneale
278.                       „Romans Stulecia. Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton” Sam Kashner & Nancy Schoenberger
279.                       „Pierścień i róża” Thackeray
280.                       „Lesio” Joanna Chmielewska
281.                       „The Wizard of Oz.’ L. Frank Baum

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